Build your Best Business Plan.
Understand its finances.
Get funded.

Intercept® – Powerful enough for venture capital, made for entrepreneurs, a cloud-based software platform.

Build your Best Business Plan.
Understand its finances.
Get funded.

Intercept® – Powerful enough for venture capital, made for entrepreneurs, a cloud-based software platform.


Deziner Software was formed to help turn the entrepreneur’s vision and ideas into actionable reality. Our business and financial planning software supports new and existing businesses to manage a wide array of essential business capabilities into a streamlined process that saves time, promotes growth and provides all the necessary resources a business needs.



The four pillars of every successful business.
You’ve got the idea, let Intercept® guide you through the rest. Whether you’re starting a new company or already in business, we have an Intercept® application that fits your needs.
In the U.S., approximately 600,000 companies start each year, adding to the 28 million small businesses now operating in the U.S.
The Intercept® series of Financial Modeling applications were designed to help you at any stage of your business. A common known fact is that 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. Our goal is to help you manage your business to a successful outcome. We want to see America grow jobs and prosperity, its in our DNA.


At the heart of every MBA program is financial analysis, it is a core competency skill set.
Whether you have your MBA or not, shouldn’t financial analysis also become an indespensable tool for you to manage your business?
The most important consumer of your Company’s financial analysis is YOU. Intercept’s software tools will help convey your Company’s vision to your stakeholders (e.g., management team, shareholders, banks, board members, etc.)


At an embryonic stage or in a mature company, strategic and tactical planning is essential.
Communicating and substantiating your vision is crucial in today’s global marketplace. Competing for market share or capital is fierce, don’t go unprepared.
Changes in the economy, interest rates, global uncertainties affects us all, no business is immune.
Our application allow you to run multiple scenario’s that will help you create a series risk management plans so you quickly adapt to an ever changing marketplace.


There will be many consumers of your business’s financial information, the list can include; family and friends, angels, venture capital and banks. Intercept® has over 600 sources of capital you can access and we are adding more every day.
If you are a start-up, once your business planning is complete, most will require equity capital to start. Intercept® gives you the tools to prepare an “institutional grade” financial presentation to give you an edge in your search for capital.
If you are already operating, then your focus will more likely be on a combination of debt/equity or running your business more efficiently. Capital sources can help you grow or sell your company or participate in an M&A deal. Financial analysis is essential in leading and controlling the conversation (the “deal”) don’t find yourself in a Shark Tank without a shark cage!


I have been working with clients as a CPA for over thirty years. With my own practice, now celebrating thirty three years, our firms continues to support a wide variety of clients from start-ups to those with millions of the dollars of revenue per year. My firm has been asked to perform financial modeling by many of my clients and have never found a tool that I could use to assist them without building a model from scratch. I had the opportunity to BETA test Intercept® and am impressed! We will never use anything else - Great Job Deziner!
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